Social Media

Project Choice

Project Choice is a non profit project dedicated to the promotion of healthy and educated choices amongst college students. This social media infographic was apart of a larger social media campaign designed to target college students.

Print Ad

Bay Nature

Bay Nature is a social conscious and responsible magazine dedicated to the preservation and protection of Nature and Wildlife. this print ad was designed to encourage donations to protect rare and engaged species by remaining them of their tax deductions.


Portsmouth Discount Tires

Portsmouth Discount Tires is an affordable tire company specializing in used tires. The wings convey a message of safety, security as if someone above is watching over your ties. This message reassures customers that Portsmouth Discount Tires only sales those tires witch meet their strict scrutiny.


Union UCC

Union UCC is a small but might church with sights on increasing and solidifying their membership. This engaging website enabled members to remain engaged and increase in numbers in a mighty and powerful way. This site has been very popular amongst the members and served to solidify and energize the church membership.

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