Design touches ever project we work on wether its an engaging website or a connecting business card. Design helps your goal come to life and touch your target market. Tell us about your project and we will tell you how we can help


Advertising is where we use a vehicle we use to cover a board scope of platforms from social media to classic print. Tell is about your project and we will tell you how we can help.


Marketing is at the heart of what we do. We focus on results with every design we craft. Tell us more about your project and we will tell you how we can help.


Brand Creation & Management.

Brand Equity.

Social Media Creation & Management.

Social Media Marketing.

SEO Creation & Management.

  • SEO Copywriting.
  • Search Engine Optimization.

E Mail Marketing Creation & Management.

E Mail Campaigns.

Internet Marketing & Advertisement Creation & Management.

Internet Marketing & Advertisement Campaigns.

Copy & Content Creation & Management.

Blogs & Copy.

Media Asset Creation & Management.

  • Video.
  • Web.
  • Digital.
  • Print. (business cards to package design)

Analytics Creation & Analytics Analysis & Management.

  • Google.
  • Others.

Auxiliary Talent Management.

  • Printers.
  • Photographers.
  • Others.



We use video creation and editing to create company or organization assets to be used strategically across many platforms from web to social to traditional TV.

Shidonna Raven Clouds 2400 by 1300

Shidonna Raven Marketing & Design


From laptops to cellphones to tablets. Most people come in contact with some type of digital interface and platform. Our crafted designs can travel across whichever platform your target markets are in.


From websites to social media strategies. We are crafting designs that reach your target markets on multiple web platforms.

View one of our sites. The possibilities are limitless as our imagination.


Although the printing press was invented in the 1400s it remains relevant today. We can reach your target markets with engaging designs here as well, wether its a classic newspaper or a magazine.

Next Steps…

We are all ears. Talk to us about your media goals.

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