What is a Brand?

Often small business or those just starting out have given little thought to their brand. They know they need a sign and may even have business cards. Sometimes they select designs from a printer that are stock images and speak to what they do to some degree. Often when starting out a business may have already had 3 to 8 different looks. Looks and brands are very different. This sometimes is a difficult concept for business owners or those just beginning to understand.

Those who work in design disciples such as graphic design, fine art, marketing or advertising now the importance of branding because they know how it got started and gave rise to some of the strongest brands and consequently companies in the world. Before there was customer loyalty, there were brands. Brands are how companies built customer loyalty. The mistake small business or new owners often make is choosing several different things they like and using all of them. They have looks not brands. There is an idea and maybe you can figure out what they do. 

At Shidonna Raven our experience is deeply rooted in the traditions and principles of Advertising, Fine Art, Marketing, Graphic Design and even sales. Our experience spans over four decades. We understand fortune 500 companies and why they are successful. Our work is purposeful and grounded in tradition. Whether you are starting out with a social media strategy or developing a lifelong brand identify, helping your Soar by Design is our goal. Contact us today to arrange a consultation. 

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